When Can Babies Start Drinking Water

Do you know when can babies start drinking water? If not, this article is for you! We all know that babies being small beings have a complex structure. The organs and body parts are only beginning to take actual form. Furthermore, for the initial two months, the baby is getting used to the surroundings and the fact that it is no longer inside the mother’s womb.

With many complex reactions, changing environments, and the growth of the baby’s body, it is hard to ascertain what time should be the right time for many things. New parents may wonder:

  • When to introduce solids?
  • Is water required by the newborn?
  • How should the new things be introduced, etc.

Now, this article will take you through the procedure of introducing water to your newborn and when to introduce water to the babies.

How to know what time is the right time for newborns to start drinking water?

when can babies start drinking water

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Honestly, a baby does not require water in the initial stages. As long as the baby is well-fed with mother’s milk the baby will be alright. You see, the breastmilk has all the essential nutrients and elements required for your baby’s growth. So, to put it simply, newborns should not be allowed to drink water. Also, read How To Teach A Toddler To Brush Their Teeth.

Helpful Information

Here are some things you may not know:

(a) Making your newborn child drink water may lead to slow development.

(b) Letting your child have water before it is the right time may hamper the child’s thirst for milk.

When Can Babies Start Drinking Water?

when can babies start drinking water

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As discussed and stated earlier, it is not suitable for newborns to drink water. And to answer the question “When can babies drink water?” is simple. Introduce water to your newborn baby around the same time you introduce solids to your newborn.

This may happen when your child is about three months old or older. Experts, on the other hand, suggest and recommend water introduction after attaining six months. However, it is not necessary.

What Kind of Water is Suitable for Your Child?

Here is a list of various kinds of water that can be given to a newborn, when the baby is ready for it:

  • Mineral Water: Mineral water, the natural ones, can be used to give your newborn. The natural mineral water is high in the calcium and mineral content, which will be extremely good for your child’s health.
  • Spring Water: Giving your child some fresh spring water will prove beneficial as well. Springwater is rich in sodium and mineral content, which will aid the growth of your child and its health.
  • Table Water: Table water, clean water, is suitable for newborns as well. Drinking water contains most of the minerals and nutrients which have many good properties.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Here is a list of things you need to take care of before allowing your child to have access to water:

  1. Do not feed your baby any kind of dirty water. Impurities will only make your child sick.
  2. Before allowing your child to have water, be sure to talk to a doctor and ask for guidance.
  3. Pay close attention to what your child is feeling or doing after drinking water. Make sure that your child is not showing any symptoms of sickness.
  4. When you are making formula with water, remember not to overdo it with water. Follow the directions given on the package closely to see the results.
  5. Allowing your child to drink more water, may lead to water intoxication. Water intoxication may lead your child’s body to receive too many electrolytes, which may cause seizures.
  6. Remember, there is nothing better than allowing your newborn to have water with nothing in it. This will allow your child to get used to the water. Subsequently, there is no harm in such feeding.

Another useful information: Although it is okay for your newborn child to have water, it may still be too soon for juice. Wait a while before allowing your child to drink the juice. Homemade or packaged juice may give rise to rashes and other serious problems for your baby.

Children are complex beings. They grow rapidly in the first few months, and a single wrong move may lead to disastrous effects. Water is an essential element of our body, infants usually do not need water. Breastfeeding is enough for infants. But you can introduce water to your newborn whenever you introduce solids. You may also like to read, All About Parenting Styles.

Furthermore, make sure that you do not allow the children to drink dirty water. Remember to allow your child water in the required amounts.