A Hen And Her Chicks

This is one of the great animal stories online for kids. A hen with her three chicks was living happily. Among the three, two chicks were good and would always be with their mother. The third chick was a naughty one.

One day, when the mother hen was searching for the food, she saw a corn. Immediately, she called her chicks and said, “Don’t eat the corns! If you eat, it will block your throat.” On hearing this, the first two chicks didn’t even turn to that side. The third chick ran and pecked the corn. Unfortunately, the corn struck in its throat. Also, read The Young Girl And The Hen.

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The mother hen heard the sound of hiccups and thought for some time. Immediately, she said, “Be here and I’ll get some water. Don’t go anywhere!” Saying this, she ran to save his baby’s life. When she found apond, she said, “Dear Pond, One of my chicks is suffering from hiccups. Please give me some water.” To this, the pond replied, “Sister, bring a cup! Without a cup, how will you take the water? There will be an old lady sitting near the tree. Ask her for a cup!”

The poor hen told the old lady her story and asked for help. She said, “Bring the banana leaf for me! From that, I will make a cup.” “Before leaving could you please find my needle?” asked the old lady. The hen immediately found the needle and gave it to her. Then, she set out to find the banana leaf.

When the hen saw a banana plant, it explained her position and asked for a leaf. “I will give you a leaf if you could ask gardener to cut the heavy bananas which are hanging on my branch. I am suffering because of that!” said the banana plant. Hearing this, the hen ran to the gardener. You may also like to read, The Hawk And The Hen.

When it reached to the gardener, it told her position. Hearing this, the gardener said, “What a pity! I will help you but you should give me the eggs you lay for one week.” The hen acepted the proposal and both of them went to the banana plant.

The gardener at once cut the banana bunch. The banana plant felt very happy. It gave a leaf for her. The hen ran to the old lady with a leaf. She made a cup out of the leaf and gave it to the hen. With a cup, the hen ran towards the pond. The pond filled the cup with water.

Finally, the hen gave the water to her chick. After drinking the water, the hiccups stopped. The hen was relieved from her worry. The chick asked her mother to pardon her and from then on, she always listened to what her mother said. Also, read The Hen And The Fox.

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