Daniel In The Lion’s Den

This is Daniel In The Lion’s Den for kids. A long, long time ago, Darius was the King of Jerusalem. He had passed a new law against praying towards Jerusalem. In spite of this new law, Daniel continued to pray three times every day.

There were a few men who were jealous of Daniel. Daniel was a very honest and hardworking man but all the other King’s ministers who were jealous of him could find nothing to remove him from the kingdom of Jerusalem. So, they made an evil plan to get rid of Daniel. You may also like to read, Ruth And Naomi Bible Story.

daniel in the lion's den

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So, they went to King Darius and complained against him for not obeying the law. When Kind Darius heard this, he was very upset. Daniel was one of his presidents and he did not want to punish him for not obeying the law. The King tried very hard to save him but the wicked men of his court were insisting upon Daniel’s punishment.

Seeing no other option, the King had to punish Daniel. He was thrown into a den of lions. The mouth of the cave was then sealed with a big stone. But King Darius was worried about Daniel. He could not sleep the entire night.

The next morning, as he woke up, he hurried and ran to the den. He called out for Daniel and to his amazement, instead of hearing the lion’s roar, he heard Daniel’s voice. Daniel told the King, “God save me by sending an angel. That angel shucks the lion’s mouth. The lions did not hurt me at all!”

King Darius very happily took Daniel out of the cave and punished those wicked men who had plotted an evil plan against him. Also, read David And Goliath Story.

Here is a short visual depiction of the “Daniel In The Lion’s Den Story”. See the video story below,

Daniel In The Lion’s Den Story Video