Mickey, Minnie and the Gingerbread House

This is one of the awesome Disney stories online. Once upon a time, in a small village lived a poor apprentice named Mickey. He worked for the village blacksmith. The blacksmith was a mean person and the work was hard. The only reason Mickey decided to remain in the village was for Minnie. Minnie worked at village baker’s shop. The baker was just as mean as the blacksmith. Minnie too was poor. The blacksmith and the baker used to be kind. They used to be wealthy too. Read more about Mickey Mouse And Minnie Mouse.

But one day, a witch had shown up in the village. The witch was a wicked one! She stole the baker and the blacksmith’s money. Along with all their money, the witch stole their hearts as well. Now, the blacksmith and the baker had become heartless and mean. So, they made Minnie and Mickey work for long hours. Nothing seemed to make them happy.

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“Oh!” Mickey sighed one day, “How nice they used to be!” remembering the days when the blacksmith and the baker used to be good people. “I hope things go back to being the way they used to be!” Minnie wished. Mickey and Minnie remembered and wished, but nothing ever changed.

One day, Mickey came up with an idea. He asked Minnie to run away with him. “Our lives would be better without them!” he said. Minnie agreed at once! That night, Mickey and Minnie sneaked out of their homes. And they ran! They ran towards the deep forest. You may also like, Minion Series!

It was dark they could hardly see where they were walking. They fell and stumbled through the dark woods for hours and hours. Their stomachs started growling due to hunger. They were about to stop and rest when Minnie saw something. “Mickey!” she called. “Look! Look! A cottage!” she cried with a great relief. As they walked and came closer to the house they gasped. The house was made of gingerbread!

“Do you think… we could eat a part of it?” Minnie asked. “I am so hungry!” “I think so,” replied Mickey. He took a piece out of windowsill. It was tasty! It was made out of sugar. He eagerly took out another piece and began eating. Slowly the door squeaked open. At the door stood an old woman, she smiled at them. “Come in, little ones,” she invited them inside the house. “You two must be very tired and hungry. There is a lot to eat!”

Mickey and Minnie followed the kind old lady happily. They were relieved to find a place to rest and eat. The house smelt delicious and warm. That night, the old woman made the most wonderful meal Mickey and Minnie had ever tasted! There was a turkey and a lot of fresh vegetables. The meal was followed by all sorts of delicious cakes. “This is the best meal!” they cried happily.

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The kind old woman let them eat till their stomachs were full. The enormous meal made the both of them extremely happy. Their eyelids started drooping. The old lady noticed this and said, “You two must be sleepy. You can be my guests and sleep here tonight.” So, the old lady took them up to a room. It was warm and cozy. She tucked both of them in comfortable beds. And before they knew it, Mickey and Minnie drifted off to their pleasant dreamlands.

But when Mickey woke up the next morning, he could tell something was terribly wrong. He soon found out that he was locked up in a cage. Minnie had been put to work. She was in the kitchen mixing dough for the old lady. The old lady, who had been so kind and gentle the other night had turned into a bitter and rude old woman.

The old woman looked at Mickey and said, “Once I will feed you and make you fat. And once you are fat, I will turn you into a pie!” She then laughed wickedly. Mickey stared at her in disbelief! He could not believe that she had tricked them. The Old woman was an evil witch! “Knead the dough properly!” she ordered Minnie. And as soon as Minnie was done with the dough, she ordered her to do something else. “Light the oven!” she shouted.

Minnie did not know how to, so she said to the witch, “the baker has always done that herself. I do not know how to light an oven.” When the old witch heard of the baker, she began laughing. Then she said, “I remember the baker, the blacksmith too. Do they miss their fortunes too much?”

“You-,” Minnie suddenly realized, “you are the witch who stole their fortunes and kindness!” Minnie knew something had to be done about the witch. She waited for the right moment to make her move. When Minnie saw that the old witch’s back was turned towards her, she pushed the witch. The witch fell down the cold oven. Minnie slammed the oven shut.

Minnie quickly unlocked Mickey’s cage and set him free. “We can run away now!” Mickey told Minnie. But before they ran out of the house, they shoved a table against the oven door. The witch was securely trapped now. They decided to go the witch’s attic.

There they found the hearts of the blacksmith and the baker. They also found their fortunes. Mickey and Minnie took all of the fortunes and both the hearts and ran out of the gingerbread house. They hurried back home. Once, they reached the village, they returned all the wealth to their owners as well as their hearts.

So, the blacksmith, the baker, Mickey and Minnie lived happily ever after. Also read, Mickey Mouse Bedtime Story!

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