Renee, The Friendly Cloud

This is one of the happy bedtime stories for kids. Once upon a time, there was a friendly cloud. Her name was Renee. She liked to sing and float in the sky and change into different shapes.

One day, while she was floating, she saw a little girl who was crying. “What’s the matter?” Renee asked. “I am sad because I have no friends to come to my birthday party!” the little girl replied. “Don’t worry, I will be your friend,” said the cloud. “We can play together.” The little girl beamed with joy. Also, readThe North Wind And The Sun.

happy bedtime stories

happy bedtime stories

Image “I am Natalie, what’s your name?” she asked the friendly cloud. “I am Renee!” “Hi, Renee! I like your bow,” says the little girl. “Thank you, Natalie! Do you want to play tag?” “I would love to,” said the little girl. So off they went as the little girl chased the cloud. The little girl could only touch Renee’s shadow. “You’re it, Renee!” They played and sand the whole day.

The little girl was so happy to have a friend and so was Renee. After some songs, Renee showed her friend the different shapes which she loved to make. First a bunny, then a dolphin. It made the little girl smile. “Thanks, Renee!” she said, “but I like your own shape as it is.” This made Renee smile. “Thank you, Natalie!” said the cloud.

Every day, they met outside to play. They went everywhere together and were so happy. Renee loved to listen to the little girl’s stories. And the little girl loved to listen to her songs. They loved each other’s company very much. You may also like to read,The Moon And Her Mother.

One day while they were playing, it started to rain.Renee turned gray. “I’m sorry but I can’t play with you today. There’s a storm coming and you have to go home,” she said. “But I want to play ball with you,” said the little girl. “We’ll play again soon,” Renee said sadly. So, the little girl went home feeling sad.

The next day, the sky was clear. “I wonder where Renee is?” said the little girl. She looked up at the sky and saw a cloud but it wasn’t Renee. It made her sad. The sun was shining and it was a fine day. But she didn’t feel like playing. She missed her friend.

Another day came and still no sign of the friendly cloud. The little girl cheered herself up by singing Renee’s songs. “Where are you, Renee? I miss you!” she sighed. Even at night, the little girl looked outside to look for her kind friend. But it was dark and the cloud she saw didn’t have a pink bow.

Then, one day at the field where they used to play, the friendly cloud came back. “You’re back!” said the little girl happily. “I thought I’d never see you again!” “I’m sorry!” said Renee. “A strong wind blew me so far away, but now I’m here and I brought you a surprise.” Also, readWhy The Sky Is So High?

The friendly cloud had brought a beautiful rainbow for her little friend. “Sometimes, I won’t be around but I will always be your friend!” said the friendly cloud. They played and sang with each other.