The Two Parrots

This is an awesome kids story with moral. There once was a man named Ram who lived by the forest. He earned money by catching and selling the small birds and animals to people as pets. That evening, he went into the town to sell the two parrots hoping to earn a lot of money.

Ram sold the first parrot to the butcher, who kills animals and makes them into the meat. He sold his other parrot to a kind and wise holy man who always sang the name of God. You may also like to read, The Merchant And His Parrot.

kids story with moral

kids story with moral

Image Source@ All day long, the first parrot heard the butcher yell, “Get the cow here, kill it. Cut up this goat, kill it, cut it, chop it.”  In the holy man’s house, lots of people came to listen to divine songs. The parrot’s life was filled with songs of God.

Some months later, Ram returned to the town to see how the parrots were doing. Ram came to the butcher’s house and went near the bird he had sold. To Ram’s loving ‘Hello’, the parrot only replied, “Kill him! Get him and chop off his head.” This depressed and scared Ram. Ram next visited the house of the holy man. There, he heard a sweet voice came out, “Welcome, May God bless you!” To his surprise, it was the second parrot speaking these sweet words.

Ram realized that the first parrot living in the company of the butcher had learned the harsh language of the butcher. The second parrot had learned the sweet name of the Lord by living closely with the holy man. You may also like to read, A Wise Parrot.


Here is a visual depiction of kids story with moral, “The Two Parrots”. See the video story below,

Kids Story With Moral Story Video