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The Milkmaid And Her Pail

This is one of the wonderful stories from aesop’s fables for children. Molly was a milkmaid. It was her job to deliver milk to the market. In exchange, the people at the market would give Molly money for her milk. One of Molly’s favorite parts of being

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The Ass And His Masters

This is a famous aseop online story to read for all the children.Once, in a village, there lived an ass and his master. His master was a herb-seller. An ass, belonging to the herb-seller who used to gave him too little food and too much of

The Tortoise And The Eagle

This is one of the most famous Aesop Fable for kids. A young tortoise was lazing around the river bank looking at the birds flying in the sky. He stared at them and started thinking out loud! “I wish I could fly like those birds

The Fox And The Sick Lion

This is one of the many famous Aesop Fables for kids. Once upon a time, there lived a lion in the forest. As the lion was growing old, he was unable to hunt for his food. He thought that without food, he will die of