The Dog In The Manger Short Story

This is The Dog In The Manger Short Story for kids.It was a very hot and sunny afternoon. To get rid of the heat, the dog came inside the manger and laid on the pile of hay that was stuck inside.

Soon, a hungry ox saw hay in the manger and came towards it. The ox thought, “If I could have some hay, I will satisfy my hunger. Once that is done, I can go back to work pulling the heavy cart down the road.”.The dog and the horse did not get along. You may like to read, The Greedy Dog.

dog in the manger

dog in the manger

Image Source–> Just as he entered the manger, the dog growled and said, “Do not touch the hay! The hay and the manger are both mine. No one is allowed the hay as it belongs to me! Go away ox!” The poor ox, tired and hungry cried out, “What a selfish dog you are! You will not eat the hay, but you will not allow me to have it either!”

The dog snored at the ox until the fox was forced to leave. The dog was mean and spiteful. He prevented the ox from eating the hay even though he had no use of it. When someone does not allow other what he himself cannot enjoy, he is known as the dog in the manger. You may also like to read, The Dog And The Wolf.


Here is a visual depiction of, “The Dog In The Manger”. See the video story below,   

Dog In The Manger Story Video