The Legend Of The Rose

This is one of the very short fairy tale stories for kids. Once upon a time, all the roses were plain white. They told each other, “If only we had different colors like other flowers. That’s true! If only we had the brilliant red of the dahlias, the purple of the forget-me-nots, the shining yellow of the marigolds! But what are we supposed to do?”

A fairy flew by in the middle of the conversation of the Roses. She thought, “I have to help them!” She came to meet the Sun God and told him, “Could you please grant the roses with your burning red?” The Sun God smiled and agreed. The fairy thanked him and then flew to the Moon Goddess. “Could you please grant the roses with your canary yellow?” The Moon Goddess also smiled and nodded. Also, read The Rose And The Amaranth.

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At the break of dawn, the next day, when the fairy came back to the garden, all the plants greeted her cheerfully. The red Rose happily welcomed her. The fairy said, “From now on, your name is the Velvety Rose and you are the Yellow Rose. And those which keep the original color, you are the White Roses.”

The Velvety Rose asked, “Fairy, you travel everywhere! Do you know who turned us into these colors?” The fairy replied, “It’s the Sun God and the Moon Goddess. It’s the warmth and sweetness from mother Earth, it’s the wind, the sunlight and the dew. It’s your friends in everywhere!”

All the Roses wondered, “Then what do we have to pay their debt of gratitude?” “Use your beauty and your fragnance to make the Earth a better place. It’s the most valuable contribution,” told the fairy. Saying this, the fairy flew away. She told everyone that there had just been new wonderful colorful Roses.

Ever since then, the Roses have different colors. You may also like to read, The Little Rose Plant.

Here is a short visual depiction of one of the the very short fairy tale stories “The Legend Of The Rose”. See the video story below,

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