The Woodcutter And The Troll

This is a short fairy tale for kids to read. Once, there lived a woodcutter in a village. He was very poor. However, he was a hard working. He used to go to the woods everyday, and cut the woods. This was his every day routine as he used to sell them in the market to earn his living.

A long time passed and finally, the woodcutter saved five yen. The woodcutter walked across the mountain. He thought about what he would do. It became very dark. As the woodcutter turned around, a huge troll was standing next to him. The woodcutter was scared though he pretended not to be. Also, read The Magic Porridge Pot Story.

a short fairy tale

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“Please, master! Lend me five yen. I’ll repay you tomorrow!” cried the troll. That was all the woodcutter’s money. However, the woodcutter was still scared, so he gave the troll five yen. He went home with nothing.

The next day, the woodcutter waited all day long for the troll. Finally, at night, the troll came and returned with his five yen. The next day, the troll came back. He  gave another five yen to the woodcutter. “You paid me yesterday,” the woodcutter said. “No, I didn’t! I’m repaying you today,” said the troll. The troll left the money and soon disappeared. You may also like to read, The Honest Woodcutter.

The next day, the troll came again with another five yen. The troll came every day. He brought five yen every day. The woodcutter soon became rich. With so many money, he bought a new house which had a big field. He grew many vegetables in it. He also got married and soon had a son and a daughter. They were a happy family.

Years passed and the woodcutter was now old. One day, he died. The troll did not know this. Every day, he took money to the house. The woodcutter’s son received the money.

One day, the troll realized that he was not his master. The troll became angry and used his magic stick. “Go pebbles,” he cried. The pebbles flew out the the magic stick. They covered the woodcutter’s son’s field. “Oh, no! My field,” cried the woodcutter’s son. That night, he did not sleep and was thinking what to do all night.

Finally, he came up with an idea. The woodcutter’s son waited for the troll the next day. At night, the troll appeared. The woodcutter’s son began to talk, “Pebbles helped my vegetables to grow. I’m so lucky! Manure would ruin my field!” The troll was totally confused after hearing his statement.

The next morning, the woodcutter’s son ran to his feet. His field was covered in manure. The troll had fallen for his trick. The woodcutter’s son grew many vegetables. They were the best vegetables in the village. He grew vegetables on every season. Since then, he lived happily ever after. Also, read The Selfish Giant Story.

Here is a short visual depiction of a short fairy tale “The Woodcutter And The Troll”. See the video story below,

  A Short Fairy Tale Video