Top 10 Benefits Of Breastfeeding For Baby And Mom

Taking care of a newborn baby is a massive responsibility. This responsibility is not easily handled, and trust me if there is even a slight carelessness, the baby may get sick.

But worry not, the problem is easily solved! The first step to taking care of your baby is- breastfeeding. The baby will not only stay healthy as a baby but the effects can be seen in later years as well. There are many, many benefits of breastfeeding for baby. However, some of the best ones are listed below. Also, read When Can Babies Start Drinking Water.

Benefits of Breastfeeding For Baby:

benefits of breastfeeding for baby

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1. Healthy Baby

Children, especially newborns and babies are susceptible to various kinds of diseases and sickness. And a sick baby is hard to take care of. But if you breastfeed your child, the child’s immune system becomes stronger. Your child’s body will be able to fight off the diseases.

2. Better Digestive System

Newborns are small beings, and their body is complex. At the newborn stage and early stages, the child can hardly eat anything chewable. Mother’s milk is the only food the child lives on. The milk is rich in protein and other vitamins, which not only helps the child’s immune system but also keeps the baby’s stomach healthy. Baby’s digestive system works better when the child is breastfed.

3. Better Bonding with the Mother

There is nothing better than breastfeeding to inculcate a bond with the child than breastfeeding. Over the many years, it has been established numerous times that the bond between a mother and the baby begins when the child is developing in the womb. But breastfeeding strengthens the bond. Breastfeeding makes both, the baby and mother, bond well.

4. Benefits for Later Years

As mentioned earlier, the benefits of breastfeeding are not shortlived. These benefits stay with your child throughout their lives. Breastfeeding will ensure that your child has fewer dental problems. Plus, the chances of diabetes are reduced significantly. Moreover, the babies who have been breastfed and are breastfed in the initial stages, as found by research, have a reduced risk of cancer.

5. Protection of the Baby

The first milk produced by the mother’s body is called “Colostrum”, which is rich in vital vitamins, protein, and antibodies. This milk will help your child’s building systems to cope with the new environment. Along with this, the milk also allows the child to develop properly.

Advantages of Breastfeeding for Mothers:

The effects and advantages of breastfeeding are not limited to the child only. There are many benefits to mothers as well. From emotional satisfaction to the post-delivery recovery, there are many areas where the mother too, gains impressive benefits. Here is a list of those things:

1. Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer

Recent research has found that mothers who breastfeed their babies are less likely to be preys of breast cancer. Also, it has been found that the number of months the woman breastfeeds a baby, the lesser her chances of getting breast cancer.

2. Stronger Bones

Breastfeeding is known to strengthen the bones of the mother. During the lactation period and breastfeeding the levels of estrogen are quite low in the mother. This is linked to the calcium absorption in the body, which helps to regain bone loss.

3. Reduced Risk of Ovarian Cancer

During pregnancy, the estrogen levels in the mother are low, which leads to the linings in the breasts and in the uterus shrink. This helps the mother’s body’s cells to be less cancerous.

4. Emotional Satisfaction

The mother finds breastfeeding a convenient and emotionally satisfying act. Breastfeeding helps the mother nurture the child and allows the mother to feel extremely close to the child. Furthermore, the mother feels a stronger connection to the child.

5. Post-Delivery Recovery

The body of a breastfeeding mother is not only a healthy one but also recovers quickly. When a mother is feeding the child, the uterus quickly shrinks and goes back to its original size. Along with that, breastfeeding also helps in reducing blood loss during the post-delivery period.

Things to Take Care before Breastfeeding:

  • Eat well and carefully. Whatever you eat affects your system and the production of milk in the body.
  • Alcoholic drinks and other intoxications are a big no before and after the pregnancy!
  • Remember that everyone’s body is different. So, don’t feel that if something your friend or family told you would happen, and if you did not see it happening, do not begin to worry! It is alright, it may not. And if it worries you too much, consult a lactation consultant near you.
  • Feed your baby once every four hours. Make sure that your baby is well-fed. Eight to ten times is an okay amount of breastfeeding for a child.

Newborns are small and taking care of them is a careful process. A new mother may find everything a bit overwhelming, however, just a bit of carefulness will do the trick. The bond between a mother and a child is special, and breastfeeding adds to that bond. You may also like to read, 7 Brainy Benefits Of Reading Bedtime Stories To Toddlers.