The Bird And The Monkeys

This is one of the small Panchatantra stories for children. There one lived a group of monkeys on a huge tree. One chilly winter evening, the monkeys were sitting under a tree. “Brrr… It is so cold,” one of the monkeys cried.

In a couple of minutes, a monkey noticed a glow-worm going past. It was actually a fire fly. He thought that it was a spark of fire. All of them were convinced that it was a spark of fire. And so, they decided to put a fire fly under a pile of leaves. You may also like to read, The Monkey And The Wedge.

small panchatantra stories

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One of them said, “We will soon have a big blazing fire to keep ourselves warm!” They gathered the dry leaves and put the fire fly in between them. Then they started huffing the firefly so that the leaves could catch fire.

As they were huffing, a bird passed by. She said, “You are making a mistake, dear friends! That’s a fire fly you have caught, not a spark of fire.” “We should ignore her. Let us focus on blowing on the leaves. They will catch fire faster than that way,,” said one of the monkeys.

The bird again advised them, “Listen, you are wasting your time and energy. You can’t set anything alight with a fire fly!” “Stop pestering us, you stupid creature! Don’t try to teach us how to light a fire!” shouted the monkeys. The oldest monkey caught the bird and threw the bird into a huge tree. Poor bird died on the spot.

“C’mon brothers, let us get back to the task!” cried the oldest monkey. They started huffing again but the fire never lit from the fire fly. It was useless to tell them as they did not want to listen to anybody. Also, read The Wise Old Bird.


Here is a short visual depiction of one of the small Panchatantra stories “The Bird And The Monkeys”. See the video story below,

Small Panchatantra Stories Video