The Frogs Who Desired A King

This is one of the best animal fables for kids. Once, there were frogs who lived together in a pond. They lived in peace with plenty of food. “Oh, I am bored! Is there anything fun to do?” asked one of the little frogs. “If we had a King, he would know what to do,” suggested an old frog.

“You are right! We need a King. He can make us as happy as can be!” cried all the frogs. “Then, let’s pray for a King,” told one of the frogs.That night, the frogs began to pray together. “Please, send us a great King!” Also, read The Hares And The Frogs.

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The next day, a log fell over the pond. “Yay! Our King has come!” cried all the frogs happily. Time passed but the log was still floating on the pond. “What kind of a King is that?” asked a big frog. “He can’t jump! He can’t sing! There’s nothing he can do,” told the old frog. “Please send a new King for us!” The frogs began to pray agagin for a new King.

The next day, a stork flew over the pond. “Wow, look at those elegant wings and the beautiful beak,” cried the little frog. “That must be our King! Our true King is here!” all the frogs shouted in happiness.

“Hip Hip Hurray! Three cheers for our King!” everyone cheered for the stork. The frogs hopped over to the stork. “What a lucky day! Frogs are everywhere. I will eat you all,” the stork’s eyes shined after seeing so many frogs together.

“Oh, my! What have we done! We should have never wished for a King!” the frogs regretted their wishes but it was too late. They were all eaten by the stork that day. You may also like to read, Two Frogs In A Milk Pail.

Here is a short visual depiction of one of the best animal fablesThe Frogs Who Desired A King“. See the video story below,

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