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fable short story about animals with moral lesson

The Caged Bird And The Bat

This is the fable short story about animals with moral lesson for kids. Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a parrot at home. The parrot spoke well and everyone liked it. In the same house, there lived a bat. He too

let the children come to me

Let The Children Come To Me Story

This is Let The Children Come To Me Story for kids. A long time ago when the people of Jerusalem heard that Jesus was in town, they went looking for him. “Have you heard the news? Jesus is in town!” Over and over people in

anansi the spider

Anansi The Spider And The Sky Kingdom

This is one of the best stories of Anansi the Spider for kids. The world is dark without light. The animals couldn’t follow or even see their children. King Lion called to the animals and said, “Who will go to the King of the sky

very short adventure stories

The Wooden Horse

This is one of the best very short adventure stories for kids. A long, long time ago, there was a city named Troy. The city was very rich and had great treasures inside its huge walls. Hearing the stories about the wealth that existed in Troy,

cute short bedtime stories

The Boy And The Drum

This is one of the cute short bedtime stories for kids. There once was a poor woman who had a son. He was a good boy, always willing to help his mother out in any way he could. It was not an easy life but they

amazing fairy tales

The Hundred Knot Bamboo Tree

This is one of the amazing fairy tales for kids. Once, there was a poor man named Khoai, who worked as a servant for a landlord in the village. The landlord was very mean, but he had a beautiful daughter. He was afraid that Khoai would

bedtime stories for 10 year olds

The Golden Star Fruit Tree

This is one of the best bedtime stories for 10 year olds. Once upon a time, there lived two brothers whose parents died early on. They worked hard so they could earn enough to live. They got married to settle for a merrier life but

tiddalick the frog

Tiddalick The Frog – Dreamtime Story

This is Tiddalick The Frog Story for kids. At the beginning of the time, there was a great frog named Tiddalick. He lived in Southern New South Wales. He was bigger than any other frog in the world and wandered around the plains of Riverina.

story of abraham and sarah and hagar

Story Of Abraham And Sarah And Hagar

This is the Story Of Abraham And Sarah And Hagar for kids. Long, long time passed and Abraham and Sarah did not have any children as God had promised them. Sarah was impatient and so she sent her maid, Hagar to Abraham and said, “Have

halloween stories online

Too Much Candy

This is one of the best Halloween stories online about Jay and his family. They are getting ready for Halloween. Jay’s mom is on the steps. She’s making a Halloween costume for Jay. Jay and his dad are decorating the front porch. There is a

short stories based on moral value

The Mysterious Hut

This is one of the great short stories based on moral value. Once, there was a small village called Devgarh in the India. The village was situated near a jungle and there were many happy families living there. The children were very friendly and used

original grimm tales

The Peasant And The Devil

This is one of the best original Grimm tales for kids. There was a peasant who was working very hard in his field. When it got dark, he was ready to go home. At that moment, he saw a pile of burning coals in the middle

short fable story for kids

The Bull And The Calf

This is an awesome short fable story for kids. A few years ago, there was a strong and hefty body bull. It was quite a task for him to get himself through the door of the cowshed where he and his fellow cows lived together.

short story for children with moral lesson

The King And His Ghost

This is the amazing short story for children with moral lesson. Long, long time ago, in the Kingdom of India, there lived a King who had a greedy advisor. The King did not know that the advisor wanted to have all of the King’s treasure

philippine legend stories

The Legend of the Chrysanthemum

This is one of the great Philippine legend stories for kids. Once upon a time, there was a little girl living with her mom in a small thatched hut in a deserted hamlet. Her father had passed away when she was still young. So her

The Legend Of Ylang-Ylang

This is one of the best kids bedtime stories online. At the beginning when the Sky and the Earth had just parted, most of the plants only had leaves without any flowers. The Jade Emperor ordered the God of Beauty to embellish the Earth. Obeying

rainbow snake aboriginal story

Rainbow Snake Aboriginal Story

This is the Rainbow Snake Aboriginal Story for kids. In the dreamtime, the Earth laid still. Nothing moved, nothing grew. It was all bare! One day, the Rainbow Serpent awoke from a long sleep under the ground. She traveled all over. Wherever she went, she

jesus washes the disciples feet

Jesus Washes The Disciples Feet

Here is an awesome story from the holy bible, Jesus Washes The Disciples Feet. Jesus was very fond of his disciples. He was very attached to his followers. This story depicts Jesus’s love for his followers. Once, Jesus invited his followers for supper. As was

a short fairy tale

The Woodcutter And The Troll

This is a short fairy tale for kids to read. Once, there lived a woodcutter in a village. He was very poor. However, he was a hard working. He used to go to the woods everyday, and cut the woods. This was his every day routine

fable story with moral

The Wild Boar And The Fox

This is an awesome fable story with moral for kids. Long, long ago, when hunting was passion among humans, a fox was returning home after failing to find a prey. He had been wandering about for the whole day. “I am sick and tired of